Been investigating cycling shoes.

So far, it seems there’s 2 types of pedals… SPD and SPD-SL. The SLs are for racing shoes… which is what I think I want. Also it seems Shimano have the whole world sown up, which could be bad - but also gives the advantage of everything working together. But that means I need new pedals… and those are going to cost about £50, with £15 for cleats. So that means a pair of cycling shoes coming in at £120+…

I’ve gone with the dhb Troika Road shoe (in white) and they should be coming early next week. Looking forward to it. I was tempted to spend a bit more for carbon, but I’m thinking it’ll be such an upgrade that I don’t need to get any more. If I get even more serious over the next few years then I can always upgrade.

Will hopefully have one last cycle with my current beat up pair of trainers this Saturday and then I’ll be on to proper shoes.