playing with my VC/Zoom set-up.

From the start (of covid*) I was intruiged by using other backgrounds and tempted to try a green screen. I used to have a piece of green felt - that was used as a table-cloth when I used to play poker a lot more, but I couldn’t find it.
Anyway, after getting access to I thought I’d have a go at supercharging my set-up. It’s worth checking out this video to see what the fuss is about.

Currently I’ve got:
- a green sheet hanging on the wall behind me.
- a “gooseneck” iPhone stand behind my iMac so I can use my iPhone 11 as a better webcam. The iMac’s webcam is okay at best.
- Camo as the software to make my iPhone into a webcam (at 960x540)
- and mmhmm of course.

And to not rock the boat at work, while I’m figuring this out, I’ve actually taken a picture of my usual background so that it doesn’t look like I’ve done anything.

For a few calls I’m going to pass it off as no change, before attempting clever stuff.

Next steps?
- figure out how to hang the sheet a bit better. (It’s currently held in place by a bourbon, 4 whiskys, 2 bottles of IRN BRU 1901, a bottle of gin and a tape dispenser. It’s also not that secure… so if a 5-year-old pulls on the sheet, all that glass is coming down with a crash.)
- figure out lighting
- decide if I want to pay Camo to remove their watermark * was there time before covid?